Jacob Chiang


Jacob Chiang is a Taiwanese jazz pianist and composer. Having started piano at a young age, he explored and was influenced by various types of music such as classical, r&b, folk and jazz in his earlier years. Soon, he began improvisation and composition as well. Having majored in science in university, he joined a professional band and collaborated with various pop and jazz session musicians as well as attending fusion band gigs. Afterwards, he continued his masters degree in musicology at the Conservatory of Music in Soochow University, and also graduated with a degree in jazz piano from Maastricht Conservatory.

Influenced by Chick Corea, Taylor Eigsti, Eldar Djangirov, Eyolf Dale and Vadim Neselovskyi, his playing style is mainly categorized in post-bop, free, avant-garde, mixed between modern jazz and cross styles to develop new music languages. Due to a wide-range of musical interests, he also composes in all genres.

Currently, he is active as a Jazz Pianist, composer and running Jacob Music Ltd.

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